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Memoirs of an Elder Millennial: ‘Where it all began’ part 1.

Many moons ago, amidst the hustle and bustle of living on the coast of Durban, my very exciting journey began in the weird and wonderful world of all things digital. I had finished my 3-year Diploma in Public Relations Management through PRISA where I majored in 3 subjects: Public Relations, Media Studies, and Communication Science. I was ready and willing to jump into the Traditional Media world where my biggest dream was, at the time, to get involved in managing artists as their Publicist.

Since you may not all know me on a personal level, here is a little behind the scenes info on my life (before digital took over): my background in performance art was colourfully decorated with KZN Full Colours for music & singing (obtained through the Kwa-Zulu Natal Youth Choir – joined at 15 years old), a few certificates for taking part in The National Eisteddfod of South Africa, several years of Ballet & Modern Dance gradings (started at the ripe old age of 4 years old) as well as a five-year stint of Traditional Arabic & Egyptian Belly Dance; where I was lucky enough to dance for Princes & Sheiks, as well as famous Bollywood stars such as Amitabh Bachchan (and a few others of whom I cannot recall).

I had always loved the art of writing and dabbled a little in writing short stories, books, memoirs, poems, and songs. My sister and I wrote an aria in Latin, recorded in a quartet of 4 female vocals at SABC recording studio, which was published on the KZNYC CD Album in 2002. This all happened up until the age of 20 before I began my studies in Public Relations Management.

Did you know that, during my years of study, I was voted ‘most likely to own and run her own business’, and I guess they were all right?

After I graduated from my 3-year Diploma in Public Relations Management I found myself a job in the working world, as a Bookings Consultant for Beach & Bush Adventures. Due to my writing skills, I would also double-up as a blogger and visit local Lodges, Resorts, BnB’s and Hotels to take pictures of and write about my stay, to increase awareness of the Lodges, Resorts, BnB’s and Hotels and to help add value and credibility online to potential customers. I found great pleasure in doing this, as I have always loved South Africa and its richness it has to offer Travel & Tourism, for both locals and international visitors alike. I continued throughout my career in Digital, specializing in online Hospitality Marketing and Advertising and Digital Public Relations Brand Management for Hotels, Lodges, Big 5 Game Lodges, Resorts, and BnB’s.

It was from then on, I fell head over heels in love with Online Publishing, the speed at which one can publish one’s message on a website, spread out to the masses, excited me beyond anything else. The affordability of it all, saving both time and money. WOW!

My interest in digital didn’t stop there, my next big adventure began when I was lead down the road of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and this got my brain working overtime, imagining all of its potentials in terms of being found in Google searches and beating online competitors. The race was on and it was time to get serious about all things Digital.

Thank you for reading the first of many blog articles on Memoirs of an Elder Millennial: ‘Where it all began’ part 1. Keen to find out more? Stay tuned to read part 2 of my Memoirs of an Elder Millennial: ‘Nothings gonna stop me now!’ part 2.

Written by Tracy.