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'To follow your heart is to act in accordance with your emotions and desires'; branding and marketing are all about the appeal to emotion, we want your audience to FEEL, to WANT, and to DESIRE all that is YOU and your BRAND. We achieve this through strategic planning and design. We watch, observe, and listen to your audience... and then simply give them what they want.

We offer responsive Website design for both static and eCommerce WordPress websites; we also add to our bouquet Search Engine Optimization. I Heart Digital specializes in lead-building MailChimp campaigns, as well as Video Ads for Facebook & Instagram. Our uniquely designed and branded social media page content adds great value to your online image and will showcase your brand and therefore sell your offerings.

I Heart Digital was founded by Tracy in 2017, with a view to offering services tailor-made to each unique brand, that not only delivers results but also meets the budget.

Our services are available as a once-off purchase or bundled together as a monthly package.

We'll work with what you have, and where you are at financially, your growth and success only serve to make us stronger in the end.

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